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“A Different Real Estate experience – Clear communication, Prompt responses
I have had several bad real estate experiences in the past – in Dhaka, people do not mean what they say. The concept of customer service with Landmark Real Estate Ltd. always takes a back seat. With them, I had a different experience. The most appreciated trait I have seen with the marketing team is that they are clear in communication; they means what they says. They responded promptly to my questions and concerns. Many a times I faced communication issues with the property developers, but they always got involved and sorted it out in the quickest possible time. If I need another flat in Dhaka or if there are any requirements for my friends, I will put them in contact with Landmark Real Estate Ltd.”

Mr. Selim


“We are so grateful to have been recommended the services of Landmark Real Estate. We were fortunate enough to have had the marketing team, they play a role in selling our first home promptly, professionally and effortlessly.
Always contactable and approachable, putting real estate jargon that is not tip of the tongue for most, into a manner that we were able to understand and digest, was super important to us.
These guys delivered a great outcome for our first home sale.

Mr. Kabir Hossain

Service Holder

“Thank you so much for the great service you provided us throughout the settlement process. You made it so carefree and easy for us throughout the whole process. If we knew it was that easy to buy a flat, we would have done it sooner!
We would definitely recommend you to our friends.
As for the apartment, it has been the only thing that kept us going throughout the week! We made a deal we would not crack it open.
Thank you once again!

Mr. Majed


“I am a proud owner of a beautiful house in Banasree and thanks to Landmark Real Estate Ltd. for making this “realty” a “reality”. It was a pleasure working with the marketing team. They seem very much in sync and worked as a team in this entire tedious process of buying a house. In my case, from the initial house visit to the registered documents procurement post the registration, the entire process took about a year. More of the delay was due to certain reasonable constraints the Seller had regarding the availability of the property. Throughout this duration the marketing team was persistent in diligent follow up and update, however, never pressurized me regarding the deal.
Overall, am extremely pleased to have Landmark Real Estate Ltd. as my Property Consultants in Dhaka and will strongly recommend their services for sheer professionalism and hassle-free processing. Landmark Real Estate Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the best!

Mr. Shamsuddin

Developer, Grameen Phone

“A sincere, efficient real estate agent in Dhaka! We were having lots of problems buying our almost new home although it is in a prime most sought after area in Dhaka. After years of trying to search for real estate agents in Dhaka, we came across marketing team contacted with us. They did an initial evaluation of the flat and suggested some maintenance work to be done, and they did it with their team. All through the process of bringing prospective buyers she constantly updated us, about what was happening during those visits. This gave us an idea about the current market expectations in Dhaka. Thanks to Landmark Real Estate Ltd. “

Mr. Aminul Hossain